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The Y.O.L.O. Lounge
(You Only Live Once!)

This is YOUR Nightclub... This is OUR Nightclub! 

This is THE place to meet new people, socialize, dine, dance, laugh and romance!  Fall in love with the lights and the music; or that special someone out there waiting for you.  The Y.O.L.O Lounge is where we will be throwing parties as often as we can!  The Culinary Connections Program invites you to all the Holiday Parties, Theme Parties, Festivals and Events that will enrich our lives in ways we've never dreamed of.   There's nothing out there like it!  No more stale rooms and silly banquet halls, we have our own Hip & Trendy Nightclub that will be the talk of the town so...

"Looking for a place to Party?

No more scrounging around. 

You've just hit the jackpot,

You found the Y.O.L.O Lounge!"

600 Fifth Avenue

Pelham NY 10803

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