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Respite for Life

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With staff shortages at an all-time high and recruitment in our field at an all-time low, the Respite for Life  Program ( CCL Programs) would like to introduce its private overnight and daily respite programs.


Respite is the temporary care of a person with a disability and provides relief to the family and caregiver.  With the staff shortages in the field, the demand for relief is not only needed for those clients who reside at home but for those in alternative programs such as Self Direction and Home Share as well as residential programs that are struggling with staffing demands.  This innovative weekend respite program has been created to meet the following objectives.


1. Assist Self Direction, Home Share and residential programs experiencing severe shortages. 

2.  Provide an alternative to community and Self Direction clients who must often wait months for approval than even more time for respite availability

3.  Provide experienced staff, medication assistance, transportation, ADLs skill assistance, as well as group activities both indoors and out. 


These innovative respite experiences will help reduce the overburden placed on families and residences and provide much-needed relief to all.  Porgrams will also engage clients in personal, social, or routine activities and tasks that may be neglected, postponed or curtailed due to the demands of caring for a person with intellectual disabilities during this staffing crisis.

Respite For Life will be offered in beautiful home settings and locations that will make the clients feel they are on a vacation.  


The respite formula has been devised using staffing rates, including overtime costs, accommodations, food, activities, supervision and transportation.   



Respite Program Ratios

4/1 for ambulatory patients who can manage their self-care needs without assistance

3/1 for those who use walkers and require assistance with ADLs.


Program from Friday 9 am to Monday Morning 10 am  72 hours of Respite or staffing hours

What types of respite are available?


Overnight and weekend respite are currently available

Weekend recreation and hourly respite will be available soon.  Eligibility:  enrolled in Self Direction, Private Pay and residential programs facing severe staffing shortages


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