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Zoom TV

Community Connections Life:  Seminars & Forums

As a result of the Corona Virus we had to change directions like the wind.  Prior to the closing of NYS Day Programs March 17th 2020, we were preparing client and staff for a new direction.  That direction was ZOOM TV.  We licensed ourselves up and began looking at the strengths of our staff to lead tutorials, demonstrations, and shows.  Then we thought it is the clients who should be leading the shows and it’s been a most surprising hit!

The idea was to create online video conferencing, with a collegiate quality.  A place not to just educate and entertain but to edify.  So we created channels for each staff member to run their shows allowing clients to do presentations weekly which soon became daily.

One of the most engaging and satisfying outcomes was how glad everyone is to see each other every day.  We started with Covid-19 precautions repeated daily but had to change our start time even earlier to give everyone time to say hello to one another and cross talk until we reach pinnacles of joyous chaos that has us all smiling and laughing at seeing each other on tv in our respective homes.  A great way to start the day.  Physical separation without emotional separation!


Channel Guide

French Literature

LIT TV – Literature Television

Lead by Jack Mungovan

This literary forum spans genres from one of our team members Terri Headington’s children’s stories to classic short stories with a focus on moral and ethical development but most especially a focus on fun!  It has turned out to be a great hit with writers like Jack London, Langston Hughes, O. Henry, Edgar Allan Poe and Guy De Maupassant. The stories are theatrically read and discussed with great fanfare and a collegiate bent.

Young Man doing Physical Exercise

The Total Body Fitness channel

Lead by Les “The Best” Forman

He developed physical exercises connected with breathing exercises connected to mindfulness and created Total Body Fitness.  A way to stay strong, connecting with peers through heart and mind during these tough times.


MTV our Music Television Channel

Lead by

Dave “the Doc’ Chun

Dave developed several program seminars from “Name that Tune” a game show based on that game of old, where participants win prizes and points in an entertaining and educational way.  He also created the Eenie Meenie Minie Moe Band.  A virtual band where all participants play the roles required for a concert tour. From scheduling halls and arena’s to play in, to setting up the stage and equipment, even to where musicians stand on stage as well as all the positions that need to be filled to make a real live rock band have a successful tour of the US!  This has become a phenomenal hit.

Beeswax Candles

FFB TV Farming Fragrance and Bling

Lead by Latasha Lily and Christine Somyk M.S, Psychology

Chris leads our multifaceted Farming Fragrance and Bling TV forum where her group is exposed to candle making and soap making.  She takes them through the Zoom TV to the Herb Garden in Pelham and to the Pound Ridge cottage and gardens where vegetables shine like bling in the hot sun. And lastly, jewelry making, where they express their ideas on how they have and will continue to practice their craft.

Fresh Cooking

The Cooking Channel

Lead by Jack Mungovan

This is a forum where clients display their skills.  Clients offer to present their dishes as they do on every cooking channel that we see today. We’ve watched Jen’s fish taco’s, Jose’s spaghetti and homemade meatballs, Maliq’s Chicken Alfredo, Gino’s Apple Turnovers, Alex’ Butter Biscuits, Remy’s Japanese delight to name a few.  Move over Rachael Rae we’ve got some serious talent here to display! 

Business Meeting


Lead by

Les "the best" Forman

He covers the gambit in this seminar from opening and running our JoJo’s Café and Markets to money management, menu design, hygiene/restaurant clean, taking inventory and how to make teamwork, dreamwork.  This extraordinary seminar also has smoothie demonstrations, espresso based drink demonstrations and more. It is edification with a business bent.


Community Connections Supported Agriculture

( CCSA) 

A spin off CSA:  2 x Zoom classes per week (TBA)  This is a project where Zoom participants can follow and learn how to grow some basic produce (Tomatoes, cucumbers, squash,  pumpkins, zuchinni, herbs, strawberries, rhubarb, blackberries, raspberries  (possibly some  organic).  Taught by Christine and Jack M.  Christine's class will receive their own plant to plant, water, grow and eat.

2020-07-08 19.52.00.jpg

The Pound Ridge

Cottage and Gardens 

The Pound Ridge Cottage and Gardens Zoom classes will be offered by Christine, Jack, Dee, and other staff will discuss and show how to wash and clean vegetables. Bake pies in our country kitchen and make jams and jellies, and learn to create package and market jams, candies, vegetables, pies, cakes and other baked goods. 

We are also implementing a Life Skills center there where we can practice doing laundry, folding clothes, sheets and towels, cooking and creating our very own merchandising center.  

Fresh Cooking

The Baking Studio Live Series

Offered by our Baker Yvette, and various culinary members (Gino and Jen F).   We plan to provide those sites with kitchens the ingredients to follow along.   

Healthy Lifestyles Live

We plan to teach various healthy food options (vegetable specials, greek yogurt, homemade granola etc)  1 x per week , Jack, Yvette, DL

Carrot Juice

Zoom Cafe

From our Cafe to Yours.  Barista training.  Taught from JoJo’s Mount Kisco.  Yvette S our lead Barista along with his Barista Students and Business Team will teach various coffee options to be made at home.  For example, our expresso based FrappuGINO's and more.

Smoothies and More

Live Smoothie classes, from classics to the sophisticated palate and Acai bowls. Yvette Surita and Biz Team.  Taught from JoJos Java Mount Kisco 


Dance from Afar Series

Dance contests, Individual and Group.  Groups on the lawn


Rap Battles

From New York to Seattle We drive the rap battle between rappers and groups there's cash prizes for our troupes.

 Judges and cash Prizes

Dance Club with

DJ B Coop (a member)


Comedy Clubs

Hookey with Hyvonen

One of our clients movie of the week series with snack

Karaoke and


With cheese by Les (Abba BeeGees, The Monkeys, Karen Carpenter, Neil Diamond, Not so cheesey, Michael Jackson, Mary J Blige, ELton John, Beatles etc our folks are no jokes.

Group Reformer Workout

Exercise and Fitness  3x per week  by Earle  

 Zoom Fitness; The Biggest Winner cash Prize Going the DIstance:  Walk in Place DVD’s or walk around property

Deep Breathing and Calming class:  Yoga with Allison every Thursday 

Therapy Session

Therapy Groups with Christine

Beat Defeat:  Managing defeatist notions, behaviors and  emotions


Chillin SKills:  Managing angry thoughts, behaviors and emotions

Jewelry Accessories

Jewelry Design and More

by Tasha

This team of young entrepreneurs have worked hard to develop their own business concepts.  They want to PR, package and sell their products.  

Farmers Market


by Jack 

Jack will make up stories using all the zoom participants names interweaving fairy tales both known and fictionalized. Also, he'll be reading various short stories with moral and ethical dilenmas and themes. 


DL will swallow migraine pills by the handful

Our Covid Zoom Schedule

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